Speeding Offences

Speeding offences are extremely common in the UK and our experience suggests a significant percentage of speeding cases are based on either incorrect procedure or weak evidence. Some procedural errors can immediately invalidate any prosecution case and others can weaken it so significantly the Crown Prosecution Service may decide to withdraw the case before it even reaches a court.

Contact us today to let our experienced former police officers review your case and identify any procedural flaws in your case, letting you decide whether to contest the case. In light of the recent changes to speeding sentencing guidelines where DISQUALIFICATION is now considered in all but the most minor cases, can you really afford to risk your licence if you don’t need to?

Our experienced former officers will review your initial Notice of Intended Prosecution and report back to you in detail about any issues identified and general advice regarding you offence and likely outcomes. If you decide to contest the matter our team will review the evidence the Crown Prosecution Service and the Police provide at NO EXTRA COST and report back to you again to let you make an informed decision on whether to plead guilty or proceed to trial.


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