How We Can Help

We offer a simple fixed fee service for all fixed penalty notices, notices of intended prosecution and traffic summons cases as well as all penalty charge notices from local councils.

For these offences a Notice of Intended Prosecution or Notice to Owner generally arrives in the post requiring the identity of the driver to be disclosed, this is then followed by an offer of a Fixed Penalty or educational course or summons to court in more serious cases. At this stage the driver has the option of pleading guilty or challenging the case against them.

Our service offers advice at each stage of the process. We will review your Notice of Intended Prosecution or Notice to Owner and report back to you with both an assessment of the notice and also the potential and likely outcomes for your case.

We also offer the same service if you were either stopped at the roadside by a Police Officer or issued a Penalty Charge Notice to your vehicle by a Civil Enforcement Officer.


When you later receive a Fixed Penalty Notice or court summons we will review the case again including a detailed review of the evidence against you which is provided at the summons stage.

Our review of the evidence will highlight any procedural errors we have identified and will also highlight any areas where the evidence appears weak.

You can then make an informed decision as to whether you will contest the case or plead guilty. (See FAQ on guilty pleas)