Are you solicitors?

No, we are not solicitors, we are former police officers with a wealth of experience specifically in fixed penalty notices and road traffic act offences.

Shouldn’t I get advice from a solicitor?

That is a decision for you to make but whereas solicitors deal with a variety of areas within criminal law, we only deal with our area of expertise. As well as being able to identify procedural breaches relating to the law, we also have detailed knowledge of internal police procedures which could lead to fixed penalties being withdrawn even if they could be successful in leading to a conviction at court.

How are you so much cheaper than solicitors firms?

We don’t have expensive offices to pay for or the other expenses that come with law firms. We provide you the best service at the best price. Our advice is provided from over 20 years combined experience as opposed to a 4 year law degree. Therefore rather than providing qualified advice, all advice is provided under the principles of Mckenzie v McKenzie (1970).

What experience do you have?

See our team page for full details but your case will be reviewed by a former police officer who has issued hundreds or thousands of fixed penalties and who has supervised and reviewed the work of officers under them. If there’s a error we’ve seen it, if there’s a procedural breach we’ve highlighted it before, if there’s something you need to know we will be able to advise you.

Why should I used Fixed Penalty Advice instead of a solicitor?

The whole principle of fixed penalty advice is that we are completely independent and willing to give you the best advice possible either it involves a potentially expensive day in court or not.

Do you recommend solicitors if I chose to contest the case?

Employing the services of a solicitor is a personal choice. We have no affiliation with any law firms or solicitors so this is not something we would do. Should you employ the services of a legal firm then you are welcome to send them our report to assist in your case.

So should I accept the fixed penalty notice/plead guilty?

We won’t advise you to accept or plead or contest anything. We are not lawyers and this is not what we exist to do. We will give you the knowledge and understanding to make your own informed decision based on our experience and knowledge of procedure and evidence. You are free to make your own choice based on the advice we provide.