Just How Many Penalty Charge Notices are Incorrectly Issued?

Almost 5 million Penalty Charge Notices were issued across London in 2016, a shocking statistic where there is more than 1 Penalty Charge Notice for every 2 people in the capital! At an average of £100 per notice that is £0.5 billion in fines! Penalty Charge Notices for parking made up the majority of these although PCN’s for contravening box junctions, prohibited turns and bus lanes were also a significant portion of offences.

Approximately 1 in 4 PCN’s issued in London were contested and just under half of these were contested successfully, so over half a million tickets in London contested successfully.

Imagine just how many were issued incorrectly but never challenged across the country, how much money was paid in fines which were not issued correctly, the true figure will be in the billions!

Why are they issued incorrectly? Well there are numerous reasons ranging from poor staff training, poor checking and admin procedures though to incorrect local traffic regulations being imposed by the council and in rare cases deliberate abuse by council staff.

Fixed Penalty Advice can review your case and advise you if there are any procedural errors with your Penalty Charge Notice and let you decide whether to contest the charge or accept it. Remember a procedural error can invalidate a Penalty Charge Notice.