Fixed Penalty Advice Save Dave From Potential 9 Points

Dave, a company director from the south coast was surprised to receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution from the Metropolitan Police regarding an allegation of careless driving in central London. Naturally concerned due to the serious nature of the alleged offence, which could place up to 9 penalty points onto his licence which he needed for work, Dave contacted our team at Fixed Penalty Advice. Our experienced team of former police officers set about reviewing his case and identified a significant procedural issue with the Notice of Intended Prosecution which was highlighted in our report.

Dave was then able to approach the Metropolitan Police Traffic Criminal Justice Unit and due to the issue identified by our team, the case was immediately discontinued, keeping Dave’s driving licence clear of potentially 9 penalty points and saving him from a hefty fine.

Dave was extremely grateful for the help and advice our experienced team provided him and expressed his gratitude saying “I never would have known the procedures had been breached, and that such a breach would stop any action against me”.