Speeding Ticket? Parking Fine?

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Professional, expert advice to protect your driving licence and livelihood.

At Fixed Penalty Advice we offer a dedicated and professional advice service for anyone facing a fixed penalty notice, traffic offence report, notice of intended prosecution or court summons for any road traffic offence or parking offence.

Procedural errors are the single most successful way of challenging fixed penalty and road traffic offences and avoiding the costly points or even driving ban associated with these offences. Our team of experienced former police officers assess your case for any procedural errors or weaknesses in evidence and report back to in clear and concise terms enabling you to decide whether to challenge the case.
Our advice is completely independent and as we are not lawyers we have no vested interest in whether your case goes to court. We charge a simple flat fee for our advice regardless of whether you chose to contest the ticket or not.

What We Offer

A bespoke service designed from the inside out, which can provide you with the knowledge and understanding to successfully contest a Notice of Intended Prosecution, Traffic Offence Report, parking fine or road traffic related court summons.


Speeding Offences


With an annual average of 800,000 speeding tickets dished out by Police forces across the UK every year, there are always going to be cases where the correct procedures are not followed. Whilst this won't be intentional or malicious on the part of the police, human errors are common place in high pressure environments. This is where our expertise can help aid you and ensure that you are not penalised when the correct procedure has not been complied with.


Parking Offences


Roughly 4 Million council parking tickets are issued across the UK every year, thats about 1 every 4 seconds! Reports suggest, some 50% of these tickets are issued incorrectly, containing inaccuracies or wrong information pertinent to the offence for which they are being issued. Human error plays a major factor in successfully appealing a parking charge. With our expertise, we can help ensure you have the best advice when procedure has not been followed.


Other Offences


Our team of former Police Officers have dealt with every road traffic offence imaginable, and then some! From contravention of red traffic lights or driving whilst using a mobile phone, to number plate anomalies or construction and use offences. With our expertise and knowledge, we know what information is required for enforcement. We can assess your case and ensure that you are not penalised when the correct procedure has not been followed.